Math Skills

Math Skills

Pre-K – 3rd Grade


PRIDE’s one-on-one multisensory math program is for students who are struggling with basic math skills.   At PRIDE, we build an understanding of mathematical concepts by using visual learning tools, game-playing and exercises that engage all the senses.  Our students gain a deep understanding of numbers and learn to master computation and problem solving.  We teach mathematics through a structured, systematic, cumulative, repetitive and step-by-step math program that targets students with learning differences, short- term memory deficits and dyscalculia.


Features of PRIDE’s Math Skills Program:


  • A research-based curriculum
  • Uses a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach
  • Encourages active thinking process, communication of mathematical ideas and problem solving
  • Develops the foundation students will need for more advanced mathematics
  • Emphasizes mental math and the model drawing approach
  • Aligns well with Common Core Standards
  • Uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities

PRIDE’s one-on-one multi-sensory math program gives students a strong math foundation.  Students master their number facts and numerical fluency.  They are given the essential tools that they will need for pre-algebra and algebra, which they will encounter in the middle school years.


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