Dyslexia Tutoring in Mission Viejo

Dyslexia Tutoring in Mission Viejo



October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month and a local dyslexia tutoring center in Mission Viejo is offering free assessments, resources and special events throughout the month of October.


Owner of PRIDE Learning Center in Mission Viejo, Karina Richland, reports, “Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects about 20% of the nation.  That means that one out of every five children in the Mission Viejo classroom struggles with dyslexia.”  Richland, a dyslexia specialist and owner of a program that provides dyslexia tutoring in Mission Viejo says “most children with dyslexia go undiagnosed for years.  With early detection, proper intervention, and certain accommodations in school, dyslexics can actually improve their reading skills dramatically.”



Warning Signs in School-Age Children


•   Child uses memory skills in reading not decoding strategies

•   Reads a word on one page but doesn’t recognize it on the next page

•   Confuses look alike letters like b and d, b and p, n and u, or m and w

•   Makes many reversals

•   Substitutes a word while reading that means the same thing

•   When reading leaves out or adds small words like “a, the, to, are, of”

•   Reading fluency is poor

•   Avoids reading as much as possible

•   Misspells many words

•   Writes illegibly

•   Appears lazy, unmotivated, or frustrated



“The sooner a child with dyslexia is given proper instruction, particularly in the very early grades, the more likely it is that they will have fewer or milder difficulties later in life” states Richland.


The dyslexia tutoring program in Mission Viejo provides one-on-one reading help for students with learning differences, including dyslexia, auditory and or visual processing disorder and ADHD.  PRIDE specializes in an Orton-Gillingham reading approach for students struggling with dyslexia.


Throughout the month of October, parents or grandparents can bring their child into the Mission Viejo Dyslexia Center for a free assessment that will measure their reading abilities.  To schedule an appointment contact the Mission Viejo PRIDE Learning Center at 949-484-0230 or visit the website at www.pridelearningcenter.com




Dyslexia Center to offer classes, help for San Clemente families

Dyslexia Center to offer classes, help for San Clemente families

Students with dyslexia will be offered dyslexia help, tutoring, and resources at a new treatment center that has opened in San Clemente, California.


PRIDE Learning Center, an Orton-Gillingham reading clinic for students of all ages struggling with dyslexia and other reading disabilities, will offer specialized 1:1 remediation and support services.  The dyslexia program will be the first comprehensive reading and writing center of its kind in San Clemente.


“Our programs have impacted the lives of so many individuals,” says Karina Richland, owner of PRIDE Learning Centers.  “So many children come to us as non-readers struggling and frustrated with their dyslexia,” states Richland, “we are able to teach them how to read and help them appreciate and understand that their dyslexia is not necessarily a negative thing.”


The tutors at PRIDE Learning Center are credentialed teachers with Orton-Gillingham certification and strong backgrounds in Special Education.  The learning center will also host parent workshops and professional speakers throughout the year.


“We are extremely excited to continue our mission of helping the families in our communities by providing these desperately needed services to the twenty percent of individuals affected by dyslexia,” commented Karina Richland.  “Despite massive school reforms in special education, we still have large numbers of children that are not reading at grade level,” reports Richland.  “Through our on-site programs as well as our professional workshops and contracts with various school districts, we know that we can make a difference for so many children who struggle with reading and writing.”


The San Clemente dyslexia center officially opened its doors September 17th.  The center is located at 665 Camino De Los Mares 204B, in the medical buildings across from the Saddleback Memorial Hospital.


For more information, contact PRIDE Learning Center 866-774-3342 or go to www.pridelearningcenter.com

October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month

Each year in October, small groups of parents, students, educators and other professionals across the United States step up their efforts to raise public awareness about the difficulties faced by dyslexic children and adults.

Please help us heighten public awareness of early identification symptoms, so children can be professionally diagnosed sooner and then seek the specialized instruction that will empower them to become successful learners.  Between 15 and 35 million Americans struggle with dyslexia; the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that dyslexia affects approximately 15-20% of American students.

Common symptoms of dyslexia:

  • confusing letters with similar appearances, such as “b” and “d” or “e” and “c”
  • writing that contains frequent reversals, transpositions, or inversions
  • difficulties remembering common sight words, even after repeated practice
  • stumbling, hesitating, or making mistakes or omissions when reading small, easy words like “and” or “from”
  • spelling phonetically and inconsistently – “foniks” for “phonics”
  • disinterest and dislike of reading
  • appears extremely intelligent but weak in reading
  • reads a word on one page but doesn’t recognize it on the next page or the next day
  • substitutes a word while reading that means the same thing but doesn’t look at all similar like “trip” or “journey” or “mom” for “mother”
  • problems tracking the words on the lines or following them across the pages
  • misspells many words
  • appears lazy, unmotivated, or frustrated

For more dyslexia symptoms and information regarding Dyslexia please visit the webpage: Dyslexia Awareness