Each year in October, small groups of parents, students, educators and other professionals across the United States step up their efforts to raise public awareness about the difficulties faced by dyslexic children and adults.

Please help us heighten public awareness of early identification symptoms, so children can be professionally diagnosed sooner and then seek the specialized instruction that will empower them to become successful learners.  Between 15 and 35 million Americans struggle with dyslexia; the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that dyslexia affects approximately 15-20% of American students.

Common symptoms of dyslexia:

  • confusing letters with similar appearances, such as “b” and “d” or “e” and “c”
  • writing that contains frequent reversals, transpositions, or inversions
  • difficulties remembering common sight words, even after repeated practice
  • stumbling, hesitating, or making mistakes or omissions when reading small, easy words like “and” or “from”
  • spelling phonetically and inconsistently – “foniks” for “phonics”
  • disinterest and dislike of reading
  • appears extremely intelligent but weak in reading
  • reads a word on one page but doesn’t recognize it on the next page or the next day
  • substitutes a word while reading that means the same thing but doesn’t look at all similar like “trip” or “journey” or “mom” for “mother”
  • problems tracking the words on the lines or following them across the pages
  • misspells many words
  • appears lazy, unmotivated, or frustrated

For more dyslexia symptoms and information regarding Dyslexia please visit the webpage: Dyslexia Awareness