Our reading comprehension program helps students who

  • Can’t remember or understand what they just read
  • Have difficulty keeping track of details and sequence
  • Struggle with getting the main idea and making predictions and inferences


At PRIDE Learning Center, reading comprehension is taught one-on-one by our credentialed reading specialists.  PRIDE teachers are able to teach students how to both draw meaning from text and to verbally express their understanding of it.

Our highly effective reading comprehension program provides students with the ability to conceptualize mental images that match content, and use language to describe those images.  This is what we call visualization.  Starting at a concrete level and moving towards more abstract concepts, we are able to help students visualize the content of what they are reading.  This method is highly successful in improving reading comprehension as well as memory retention.

At PRIDE Learning Center, we’ll help your child master these important reading comprehension strategies:

  • Become an active reader and have goals in mind while working through text
  • Make predictions about what is to come
  • Look over the structure of the text to determine which sections to read carefully and which to read quickly, which not to read, and so on.
  • Construct, Revise and Question the meanings while reading
  • Determine meaning of unfamiliar words and concepts in text
  • Feel a sense of satisfaction and productivity after reading a text
  • VISUALIZATION – making pictures in our minds as we read!

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