Who is the Best Reading Tutor in Beverly Hills?

Who is the Best Reading Tutor in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills has very accelerated and academic programs in their schools.  The kids that go to school in Beverly Hills often need extra assistance and extra outside help.  According to a survey from The National Center for Family Literacy, at least 50 percent of parents turn to tutoring because they feel they cannot help their children.  When a child struggles in reading, they often fall behind.  If a child  has difficulties in reading and comprehension, chances are a specialized reading tutor in Beverly Hills will be necessary.  So…. which tutor does a parent choose and who is the best reading tutor in Beverly Hills?


Multisensory Teaching Experience

Children with reading, writing and comprehension difficulties learn best with a specific type of instruction.  They will need a multisensory structured language program based on an approach called the Orton-Gillingham.  Orton-Gillingham tutors are available at PRIDE Learning Center in Beverly Hills.  The tutors at PRIDE Learning Center have teaching credentials with strong special education backgrounds.  The tutors are all experienced and certified Orton-Gillingham specialists and are trained in a multisensory approach.


Orton-Gillingham Teaching Experience

It takes very specific skills to teach students to read and comprehend.  A tutor with these skills call themselves Reading Specialists or Educational Therapists.  There are no regulations about who can or can’t use these titles, so it is important to check on which methodology for teaching reading and comprehension they use.  It is best to use a specialized reading tutor in Beverly HIlls that is trained in teaching students in the Orton-Gillingham methodology.  This is by far the very best and most effective option for struggling readers.  The reading tutors at PRIDE Learning Center are all Orton-Gillingham trained.


One-On-One Teaching Experience

Most struggling readers need one-on-one help so that they can move forward at their own pace.  In addition, these students often need a great deal of structured practice and immediate, corrective feedback to develop automatic word recognition skills.  The reading tutors at PRIDE Learning Center are available and  open for one-on-one lessons at least 4 hours a week.


So…..who is the BEST????

The best reading tutor in Beverly Hills is PRIDE Learning Center because they use:

  • The right program (Orton-Gillingham Program)
  • The right tutor (someone trained in Orton-Gillingham and multisensory teaching)
  • The right intensity (at least 4 hours a week)
  • The right setting (one-on-one)

For more information on PRIDE Learning Center’s reading, writing and comprehension tutoring program call 866-774-3342 today.


karina richland

Karina Richland is the Founder of PRIDE Learning Centers, LLC.  Ms. Richland is a certified reading and learning disability specialist.   Ms. Richland speaks frequently to parents, teachers, and professionals on learning differences, and writes for several journals and publications.

You can reach her by email at karina@pridelearningcenter.com or visit the PRIDE Learning Center website at: www.pridelearningcenter.com