What is Hyperlexia?

Hyperlexia is a condition where a child demonstrates an early and intense fascination with letters, numbers, patterns and logos, and a self-taught gifted ability to read, spell, write, or calculate, usually before the age of five.  At the same time, these children have major difficulty understanding and using oral language skills, as well as socializing and interacting appropriately with people.


Although the early achievement of reading ability makes hyperlexia seem very different than a reading disability, both conditions are rooted in difficulties with understanding and using language.  A child diagnosed with hyperlexia is often highly intelligent, learning best from visually presented information.  This child can easily manipulate and understand written symbols for language and concepts, and decodes and encodes quite well.  They also can read very fluently.  Children diagnosed with hyperlexia usually read well but struggle considerable in the area of reading comprehension.  Specific comprehension strategies need to be taught to these children including summarizing, making inferences, finding the main ideas, visualizing while reading and understanding and learning new vocabulary.


The best learning environment for a student diagnosed with hyperlexia and struggling with reading comprehension is always one-on-one. This allows the student to focus clearly on information being presented without distractions. At PRIDE Learning Center our teachers deliver each lesson one-to-one in a patient and nurturing environment. Our structured, systematic and sequential program helps children develop a routine and consistency in their learning. We are aware that children who have been diagnosed with hyperlexia are bright, creative and multitalented children. We give them the confidence and self-esteem they need to become independent and successful learners.


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