Registration Policies

All PRIDE Learning Centers LLC Summer Camp (PRIDE Summer Camp) registrations require a $300 deposit at the time of registration.  The deposit will be deducted from the total price of the student’s PRIDE Summer Camp tuition, and is non-refundable once submitted.  The remaining tuition balance will be due on or before May 19th 2017.   Once the PRIDE Summer Camp has begun there will be no refunds issued, as space and a teacher have been contracted for your student. This includes students who do not appear for their lessons, as well as those who stop attending.  By registering for PRIDE Summer Camp you understand that PRIDE Summer Camp reserves the right to deny continued enrollment to any student if PRIDE Summer Camp concludes the actions of the student or parent are inconsistent with the establishment and maintenance of a positive working relationship.  It is understood that fees will not be refunded in the case of removal of student from PRIDE Summer Camp.

Release and Waiver

I hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to allow my student to attend PRIDE Summer Camp. I understand and recognize that each PRIDE Summer Camp activity may involve risk of injury to my child and I agreed to accept any and all risks associated with it.  By voluntarily allowing my child to participate in activities and with the knowledge of the risk involved, I hereby agree to accept any and all inherent risks.

Hold Harmless

In consideration of allowing my child to participate in the PRIDE Summer Camp and to the fullest extent permitted by law, I agree to hold harmless PRIDE Learning Centers LLC, its employees and any assigns from and against all claims arising out of or resulting from my child participation in PRIDE Summer Camp. I hereby voluntarily hold harmless and release PRIDE Learning Centers LLC it’s trustees, officers, employees, agents and assigns from any and all claims arising out of or incident to my student’s participation in the PRIDE Summer Camp which may be made on behalf of me, my student, my personal representative and my heirs or assigns.

No Make-Ups Credits or Refunds Allowed For Missed Days
PRIDE Learning Centers LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Returned Checks

There is a $75.00 charge for returned checks.

Consent to Photograph, Video or Audio Tape.

Student’s image by photograph, video or audio footage may be used by PRIDE Learning Centers LLC in brochures, website and other promotional materials including social media.

Permission to Participate

I hereby give my full consent and permission for my child to participate in all recreational, athletic, academic and extracurricular activities offered by PRIDE Summer Camp.  My child is in good health and physically fit and has not been advised by a healthcare provider not to participate in physical activities.

Consent to Treatment of a Minor

I understand and acknowledge that occasionally a non-emergency may develop which necessitates the administration of non-emergency first aid to my student.  In the event of a non-emergency injury or illness which necessitated the administration of non-emergency first aid, I hereby authorize PRIDE Summer Camp and its staff in charge of the PRIDE Summer Camp to administer any necessary non-emergency first aid.


Consent to Administer Emergency First Aid

In the unlikely event of a life or limb threatening emergency, I give consent to PRIDE Summer Camp and its staff to administer emergency first aid as a first response until more advanced medical care is available. I understand that the PRIDE Summer Camp and its staff will use their best judgment, act in good faith and will treat with the intention of not causing further harm.



Consent to Arrange Emergency Treatment

I understand and acknowledge that on rare occasions an emergency may develop which necessitates the administration of medical care, dental care, hospitalization or surgery to my student. Therefore in the event of an injury or illness to my student which necessitates medical or dental care, I hereby authorize PRIDE Learning Centers LLC and its staff in charge of PRIDE Summer Camp to arrange any necessary emergency treatment including the administration of anesthetics and surgery to my child. I also understand that a parent / guardian will be contacted at the earliest possible moment in the event of an emergency relating to my student.