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PRIDE Learning Center Provides One-on-One “Compensatory Education”

PRIDE Learning Center can assist school districts and students’ families to provide additional academic support outside of the classroom.

PRIDE works with many school districts and government agencies in Southern California. We provide one-on-one “Compensatory Education” tutoring to students. The tutoring sessions at PRIDE Learning Center are tailored to meet each child’s specific academic needs

We are a tremendous resource for families, public, non-public, private schools, advocates and attorneys. We can attend IEP meetings and provide recommendations for the best ways to meet a child’s individual needs.


Specialized Services including:

  • We will tutor at the child’s school site, home, or other facility
  • We assist in developing IEP goals for each student’s individual needs
  • We serve students of all ages
  • We provide comprehensive pre and post assessments
  • Our teachers use our research–based instructional methods and assessment techniques
  • We provide ongoing support and are always here to help


• Reading, Writing and Comprehension Programs
• Study Skills
• IEP Consultation
• Dyslexia
• Academic and Behavior Support Services for individuals with Autism
• Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders
• Speech and developmental delays