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Reading Readiness at Pride Learning Center

Pre-K – Kindergarten


Pride’s early intervention program will teach your child to read and get ahead in school.  By working through our multisensory, Orton-Gillingham reading program step-by-step, your child will learn alphabetic knowledge and understanding of the alphabetic principles in a fun yet structured environment.  Your child will receive a strong and solid reading foundation that will last a lifetime.  Learn More



Reading and Spelling at Pride Learning Center

Grade K – Grade 8


Pride’s multisensory, Orton-Gillingham reading and spelling program is action oriented and involves constant interaction between our Reading Specialists and your child.  Each student at Pride learns to read in a systematic, cumulative, structured and step-by-step process.  Each lesson encompasses the skills of decoding, encoding, fluency and reading comprehension.  Your child will become a strong and independent reader.  Learn More


Reading Comprehension

Grade 2 – Grade 12


Pride’s highly successful research-based Reading Comprehension Program teaches students to draw meaning from text and to verbally express their understanding of it.  Utilizing nonfiction-reading passages on a variety of subjects, the skills that are taught prepare students for standardized tests and provide valuable practice in nonfiction reading knowledge on a wide range of subjects.  Learn More


Writing Skills

Grade 2 – Grade 12


Pride’s writing skills program effectively teaches essential skills in careful order: from parts of speech, to sentence structure, to paragraphs, to complete essays.  For the reluctant beginning writer, our program provides the essential foundation in thinking and writing skills.  For the more proficient and advanced writer, it offers opportunities, strategies, and techniques to apply them.


Math Skills

Grade K – Grade 6


Pride’s one-on-one multisensory math program is for students who are struggling with basic math skills.   At Pride, we build an understanding of mathematical concepts by using visual learning tools, game-playing and exercises that engage all the senses.  Our students gain a deep understanding of numbers and learn to master computation and problem solving.  We teach mathematics through a structured, systematic, cumulative, repetitive and step-by-step math program that targets students with learning differences, short- term memory deficits and dyscalculia.  Learn More




All Ages


The Pride Intensive 100 was created based on the latest research from Carnegie Mellon University Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging.  This study of dyslexic students and other poor readers, demonstrated that the brain could permanently rewire itself and help overcome reading deficits if students are given 100 hours of intensive remedial instruction.  The Pride Intensive 100 is our intensive 100-hour reading intervention program.  The typical Pride 100 student will attend a Pride Learning Center for 3 hours a day for 5 days a week.  With the Pride Intensive 100 you will see DRAMATIC RESULTS!




For more information call (866) 774-3342

Success Stories

“Pride Learning Center has made such a huge impact on my family, I feel forever indebted and incredibly blessed to have experienced it. My daughter exhibited all the signs of a learning difference, but her schoolteachers were clueless, labeling her as lazy and inattentive. Pride’s website helped to identify my daughter’s specific learning issues. Working with Pride’s team of gifted tutors allowed her to regain confidence in her ability to perform schoolwork. She enjoyed every minute at PRIDE and always looked forward to her lessons. As an added bonus, my husband and I found a tremendous support system of parents, as well as a referral network of experts in learning differences, which enabled our daughter to be appropriately evaluated and diagnosed. Because of Pride, our daughter is back on track towards academic success. As parents, we have risen from a place of fear, confusion, and uncertainty to one of knowledge, understanding, and hope.” – PRIDE Parent, Manhattan Beach, Ca


“Our daughter Brianna came to Pride when she was struggling with reading during 1st grade at our local public school in West Los Angles. At that point, she was near the bottom of her class and hated to read. After working with Pride’s excellent tutors and staff, Brianna is now ahead of her peers and, more importantly, enjoys reading. Brianna also looks forward to attending her Pride tutor sessions and is proud of her accomplishments. We are lucky to have found Pride when we did, and I would highly recommend its program.” – PRIDE Parent, Los Angeles, Ca


“Pride Learning Center has taught our 14 year old son to read. He has made remarkable progress and his self confidence continues to get stronger with his increased independence in reading. Pride uses an evidence based, systematized reading system as strongly recommended by the International Dyslexic Association. We had tried so many different paths to try to help our son, but Pride has been the answer.” – PRIDE Parent, Culver City, Ca


“Excellent Program. I do Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological Assessments. I have seen a lot of progress with the children that have gone through Pride’s program. It is a great resource that specifically addresses reading difficulties with a multi-sensory approach. It is also important that the people giving the services are well-trained. I highly recommend Pride.” – Dr. Abbe Barron, DMD PhD, Los Angeles, Ca



For more information call 866-774-3342 ext. 1

Summer Program

Summer Reading, Writing and Comprehension Program 2015


DSC01932Summer is the perfect time to catch up and get ahead!  At PRIDE Learning Center we offer a fantastic summer program to give students a giant boost in their weakest areas.  Our summer program is the most popular program of the year!  PRIDE’S teachers are all credentialed and certified in Orton-Gillingham methodology.

PRIDE’S fun-filled yet intensive one-on-one reading program has become so popular that we even draw families from all over the globe.  Recent students have come to PRIDE from China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, England, Canada and Puerto Rico.


Intensive Reading, Writing & Comprehension Skills Summer Program


This intensive one-on-one reading,  writing and comprehension program utilizes our multi-sensory, phonemic, Orton-Gillingham approach that we at PRIDE Learning Center are experts at.  This program helps students in a way that a regular summer school program would not.   Students progress one entire reading level in 4 – 5 weeks!


Students attend Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 12:00pm or 12:30pm – 3:30pm.



You can sign up for any weeks between June 22nd and August 24th to accommodate busy schedules and traveling families.  For best results, we recommend 4-5 uninterrupted weeks.




9:00 – 10:00:  Orton-Gillingham Reading Instruction

10:00 – 10:30:  Written Expression

10:30 – 11:00: Snack, Fun and Movement

11:00 – 12:00 Orton-Gillingham Reading Instruction

For more information call 866-774-3342 ext. 1

or you can email us at: